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Great service!


They are always great to work with. My one issue is the billing. Since the company
was bought out my billing is very inconsistent making my account a mess.

Grace Episcopal Church

These people are on the ball. Someone actually broke into our house, destroying the
French doors onto the balcony, but must have fled when the alarm went off, because
nothing was missing. That alarm is scary; it can be heard all the way down the block,
and while it shrieks it also has a deafening male voice that issues threats. It would
take a bold thief to stick around for all that. Turner is on the phone instantly when it
goes off, and they do what they say they will: they send police, whether you’re at
home or not. In the one instance when there really were thieves, the police got there
before we did. This is a terrific home security service!

Joe & Katy Rehyansky

Turner security has and continues to exceed my expectations. Everyone I have dealt
with from the sales person to the technician and from those at dipatch…they have all
been helpful, friendly and quick to respond.

Cara Harmon


Johnny Holden

We have depended on Turner Security for 14 years and have been well satisfied with the protection. We have an old system which works really well still.

Dennis & Martha Palmer

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