April 20, 2020

MAXPRO Cloud 4.0 is an integrated, cloud-based video and access management system. Allowing this system to enable businesses to significantly streamline multi-site management. With MAXPRO Cloud 4.0, dealers are uniquely positioned to offer managed access and video services through one seamless interface. By doing this, it provides a true end-to-end “Connected Building” solution. The system features enhanced usability, an integrated business analytics system built directly within the cloud system and custom remote management options, allowing access from anywhere, anytime.

MAXPRO Cloud is engineered by Honeywell and powered by Microsoft Azure. It combines industry-leading security system expertise with best-in-class cloud technology. MAXPRO Clousd is built as a smart, flexible, scalable technology, and represents one of the first innovations from Honeywell’s connected buildings platform, designed to drive business efficiencies and empower SMBs to work smarter.